How To Treat A Sinus Infection

Important Things You Need to Know about a Sinus Infection and How to Treat It

Did your cold become a sinus infection? A sinus infection can make you feel miserable as you will feel pain all over your head. It can last for more than a week and can hinder you from functioning properly therefore you must not leave it untreated. Also, if it left untreated, complications like osteomyelitis, brain abscess, orbital cellulitis and meningitis may develop. Now if you don’t know how to treat it then try using some natural treatments before using any medications. These natural treatments are also recommended for pregnant women for they are not allowed to take medications to treat their sinus infection. Continue reading below to learn more about sinus infection and the ways on how to treat a sinus infection naturally.

What Is A Sinus Infection?
This is the swelling and inflammation of the nasal passages and sinuses. It may be caused by allergy, other infections or autoimmune issues. In America, up to 30 million people are diagnosed with a sinus infection.
A sinus infection can either be acute or chronic. An acute sinus infection is caused by an upper respiratory tract infection due to viruses. It usually lasts from 10 days to 8 weeks. Chronic sinus infection more commonly happens and lasts longer than 12 weeks.

What Causes A Sinus Infection?
The infection happens when your sinuses becomes filled with fluid and blocked. This will promote the growth of bacteria and then cause the infection. This is the reason why people who have colds then have a sinus infection. Other conditions that make the drainage channels of the sinuses blocked are nasal polyps, non-allergic rhinitis and hay fever.
A sinus infection may also be caused by chemical irritation of your sinuses. It can also be a result of an anatomical problem such as having a deviated septum. Lastly, it can be caused by a condition called cystic fibrosis, by pregnancy and by smoking. Smoking can cause sinus infection because it makes the tissues in the nose thicker and makes the flow of mucus become slower therefore allowing bacteria to grow.

What Are The Symptoms?
These symptoms are also seen in persons who have a cold. But if you have a sinus infection, you will experience these symptoms for more than a week.

how to treat a sinus infection

  • Pain or pressure around your eyes and face.
  • Foul-smelling, yellow and thick nasal discharge.
  • Nasal obstruction
  • Headache (commonly felt in the forehead area)
  • Congestion
  • A cold that does not go away
  • Post-nasal drip
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Facial tenderness

It is best if you will go to a doctor to be sure if what you are experiencing is just a common cold or a sinus infection already. Your doctor will ask you about your medical history and the symptoms that you are experiencing.

how to treat a sinusitis infectionWhat Natural Treatment Can You Use?
The following natural treatments usually uses of herbs, substances or foods that can be easily found in your kitchen, garden or a health food store. These are best when taking medications like antibiotics do not make your sinus infection go away.

      1. One way on how to treat a sinus infection is to use a neti pot. What you have to do is to get two cups of warm water and add a teaspoon of sea salt to it. Mix this thoroughly. Get your neti pot and fill it with one cup of the water with salt. Then place the spout’s tip into one of your nostrils. Then allow the liquid to run through your opposite nostril by tilting your head to the side. When tilting your head, make sure you do not tilt it up or back because this will make the water go to your throat instead of your nostril. After that, put the remaining one cup of the water with salt into the neti pot and do the steps above with your other nostril.
      2. The use of grapefruit seed extract or GSE is another natural way on how to treat a sinus infection. Just buy a GSE nasal spray and use it every day. GSE is a citrus extract which acts as a powerful natural antibiotic. It can inhibit the growth of bacteria, parasites, 30 fungi types and viruses.
      3. Using apple cider vinegar is also a way on how to treat a sinus infection. This vinegar is used in treating a lot of conditions and one of it is a sinus infection. To use this, get 2 teaspoons of unfiltered and raw apple cider vinegar. Add one teaspoon of stevia or raw honey. Then add 6 ounces of water. Mix this thoroughly. You have to drink this thrice a day for 5 days. This mixture will help make the congested mucus become thinner so you can easily eliminate it.
      4. Drinking eucalyptus tea is the next way on how to treat a sinus infection. You can easily buy one in a health food store. Eucalyptus is a very potent antibiotic. This will work by eliminating the cause of your infection such as the viruses and bacteria. It will also reduce your headaches and soothe your throat. Eucalyptus is also an effective expectorant and antiseptic.
      5. The fifth way on how to treat a sinus infection is to drink hot liquids to unclog your sinuses. You can drink any tea or sip some hot soup. Hot liquid will help in making your mucus membranes become moisturized so that washing out of the mucus will be easier.
      6. Next way on how to treat a sinus infection is to apply a warm compress to your face for up to five minutes. You have to do this thrice a day. Just get some warm water and soak a towel in it then place it below and between your eyes. This will aid in increasing the circulation in the sinuses to easily eliminate the excess mucus.

There you have it; the important things that you need to know about a sinus infection and the ways on how to treat a sinus infection naturally. Now you understand your condition and you will be able to treat it without using any medications.

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