Knowing Post Nasal Drip Remedies

Do you sometimes find yourself waking up in the mornings with a hacking cough, sore throat, or simply clearing up your throat inconveniently? Do you seem to have something uncomfortable that had settled on your throat while you are fast asleep during the night? Such experiences could mean you are suffering from a postnasal drip condition. Post nasal drip remedies are introduced to help clear your throat up and wake up to a new morning with comfort.

For starters, you’ve got to contend with about one or two quarts of mucus that keeps on running down your throat. That is an awfully lot of slime that runs throughout your head, though it also serves an important purpose as well. The mucus material normally functions like your regular house broom, sweeping and clearing your nasal passages from virus, bacteria, unwanted foreign particles and other invaders that cause infections. It also helps in humidifying the air coming in and travelling around your body, which is important to help keep your insides a whole lot comfortable.

Normally, we are not aware of how mucus is constantly making its way down our throats. The problem is when we start becoming acutely aware of the mucus material in our throats, or that feeling where someone had unconsciously turned on a secret faucet somewhere inside our head. This would already mean we are dealing with the postnasal drip condition. Taking care of this condition is not a problem though with the help of post nasal drip remedies to help turn off that secret faucet inside our heads.

This condition happens whenever your natural mucus production goes off course. There are certain conditions that may have led to overproduction of mucus, thus giving you that typical dripping feeling that most of the time feels uncomfortable whatever our activities are. Note that the mucus material is very thin and clear, giving it a “runny” feature. On the other hand, greenish or yellowish sticky-type mucus manifests whenever our natural mucus production slows down. This slowdown causes the mucus material to thicken and hang around inconveniently around our throats.

Many factors are considered to have triggered such changes in mucus production, such as air pollution (smoky/dusky environments), allergies, a deviated septum condition, cold air, colds or flu, pregnancy, age, sinus infections and nasal polyps. Some antihistamines, tranquilizers and diuretics are also known to trigger the slowdown of mucus production.

Postnasal drip symptoms make for an annoying environment that will have you clearing up your throat constantly, which may well lead to further complications. Since the post nasal drip condition can be very irritating, which by all means would introduce inflammatory substances, it can also bring about cough, often becoming worse through the night. In fact, the condition is attributed to the chronic cough condition. The excess mucus running down your throat all the way also gives you a sore throat and a hoarse, ugly voice.

Post nasal drip remedies often depends on the case itself. Antibiotics are used when dealing with bacterial infections. Colds, caused by viruses, also contribute to the colors of the mucus, and introducing antibiotics in the situation will not really help.

Generally, decongestants and antihistamines help treat the postnasal drip condition caused by viral and sinusitis infections. Medical experts claim they are effective along with nasal sprays (for postnasal drip situations caused by allergies) and steroid medications. Note that newer generations of antihistamines are better options to explore, and will not cause drowsiness as felt with the other types. It would be great if you can check with your doctor first before undergoing treatment, since all medications have their own share of side effects ranging from having dry mouth to dizziness.

Alternatively, here are some practical post nasal drip remedies to help counter the problem.

  1. Gargling with Salt Water : Most of the problems associated with postnasal drip merely concerns irritations, and will go away eventually. You can alleviate some of the symptoms however by simply gargling with salt solution to help clear up your sore throat.
  2. Baking Soda : Another home remedy you might want to try would be to add a tablespoon of salt and a pinch of baking soda into a cup of warm water. A nasal syringe that simply squirts the solution directly into your nostrils should do the trick, as it acts to close the back of your throat and your palate. Afterwards, care to tilt your head forward and back, including both sides for about ten seconds each time just to get the solution through all the corners of the sinus cavities. Try to swish the solution around before blowing your nose. Do this twice and up to six times in a day to control the postnasal drip effectively.
  3. Hydration : To stay hydrated is common sense. Drinking enough water is always considered a preventive action to keep the postnasal drip condition from appearing, as with other common ailments. Water keeps the mucus thin, aside from the hydration purpose. An eight-glass-a-day routine should suffice.
  4. Improving the Environment around You : In the first place, keeping your living and working environment clean at all times makes for healthy general living, and it is not only limited to keeping the postnasal drip condition at bay. For starters, you can stabilize the humidity and set it at high inside your house. You can accomplish this by keeping a kettle full of water at low boil.

Do away with the allergens present inside your house. If your mucus gets aggravated due to cat dander for example, it would only be logical for you to start avoiding such allergen. You can also do some little detective work to figure out what specific allergen types will aggravate your nasal passages. Skip smog whenever you can, as it contains nasal irritants that will only worsen your condition. Check out the news for air quality for the day within your area. Whenever you can, stay indoors. While at it, skip the smoke too. These are just simple and effective post nasal drip remedies that won’t cost you anything at all. Try them now.

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