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Men, women and children will experience the common cold at some point in their lives. No matter how fit, healthy, and resilient, the ever-changing virus will find its way inside and wreck havoc to the body. Fortunately, there are a number of natural remedies one can make at home, or buy from the market these days. Natural remedies that are usually derived from plant and root extracts, fruit and also plant derivatives in concentrated form are considered to be a safer alternative than synthetic medications. One such natural remedy for headache, sinusitis, sinus pressure and clogged nose is Sinus Buster.

Sinus Buster was the first homeopathic spray in the market to use the natural active ingredient capsaicin, an active component found in chili peppers. This over the counter nasal spray can be used to treat headache due to clogged sinuses, sinusitis, and sinus pressure.

Sinus Buster - A Natural ReliefSinus Buster debuted in 2003, has been rivaled by other capsaicin-based nasal sprays in the market, and was invented by Wayne Perry, a man who appeared frequently in Oprah Winfrey’s show. He got the idea by watching a demonstration of pepper sprays—in which Capsaicin is also an ingredient—and saw its efficacy in relieving headaches. Soon after, his nasal spray was born. His invention has been featured in different forms of media, gaining its popularity and an almost household name status. In 2008, however, the inventor sold the company to Dynova Laboratories, which has been the distributor of Sinus Buster since.

The main ingredient Capsaicin was shown to block the chemical known as Substance P, which is the “messenger” to the pain receptors in the brain. As it blocks the messenger, the message is not received; therefore the brain will not acknowledge the pain and therefore providing relief. It was also shown to cause vasodilation, a process in which blood vessels expand their walls to accommodate more oxygen-rich blood. This in turn increases mucus secretions to help flush out the unwanted toxins from the body. The dilation of blood vessels also helps with nasal congestion to clear. Capsaicin derivatives have been used for years in the food industry to artificially spice up food. Medically, it has been used for many things as well, such as topical liniments for joint pain, and chili plasters—topical patches that are stuck onto the aching area and give off and icy-hot sensation to relieve pain. If one has the opportunity—not to mention the remarkable capacity—to consume chili peppers in ample amounts, one will notice significant relief from headaches, sinus pressure, clogged nose, and sinusitis almost immediately.

Aside from Capsaicin, Sinus Buster also has the active ingredient eucalyptus. Eucalyptus oil is derived from eucalyptus leaves, and is known to have powerful antibacterial, antiseptic and expectorant properties. The oil also helps reduce inflammation, making it a strong natural remedy for congestion. It also has ascorbic acid, or vitamin C. While the use of vitamin C to cure a cold is debatable, vitamin C is known to prevent colds, as well as reduce the duration of the infection. Other inactive ingredients include rosemary extract, an antimicrobial oil; vegetable glycerin to moisturize and sea salt. Sea salt has been proven to be a more effective detoxifying and cleansing solution than the normal saline solution that they use in the hospitals. This is all nice and all-natural indeed, but the question is, does this nasal spray work? In a word, yes.

The natural nasal spray has medical and scientific research backing it up for this as well. In a double-blind study back in 2010, tests showed that patients who were using the Sinus Buster reported relief from symptoms of headache, sinus pressure, and nasal congestion at a quicker onset than the group who weren’t using the spray. The study also showed that using the natural nasal spray had no harmful effect on the subjects’ sense of smell, as well as having no rebound effect unlike other synthetic medications. What’s more, capsaicin has a natural euphoric or happy effect, as it naturally stimulates the release of endorphins—the “happy” hormone. Patients stated that after the initial shock of capsaicin burn subsides, a general happy feeling comes over them, earning the nasal spray its tagline, “Burn so Good.”

Sinus Buster - homeopathic nasal spray Couple those results with the findings of over 10 years time and worth of research on the efficacy and safety of the active component capsaicin, eucalyptus and rosemary oil, among others, as a natural remedy for headache, sinus pressure, sinusitis, cluster headaches and nasal congestion, and Sinus Buster is looking like a very favorable option that the traditional popping of over the counter pills.

But as with any kind of treatment, make sure to check the directions and only use products such as Sinus Buster as indicated. Also keep in mind that while using whether synthetic painkillers and decongestants or homeopathic alternative options, they will not cure the underlying cause of the symptoms which is more often than not only a case of the common cold. As the infection runs its course, the body will best the intruders with its extraordinary line of defenses, and the infection will eventually be controlled and eliminated. Only then do these annoying side effects go away completely.

Many naturalists will say that homeopathic is better than synthetic drugs because you can’t get allergic to natural drugs. This is a big misconception that should be cleared. People can be allergic to anything, regardless if it’s synthetic, natural, living or non-living thing. Allergies are not due to the item being natural or organic or not. As a precaution, make sure that you are not allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients mentioned before attempting to buy or try out any new or unknown medication or drug.

Remember than no amount of treatment can ever compare to the prevention of the disease. Maintaining a healthy body by proper diet and nutrition, exercise, hydration, good hygiene and effective stress management are all effective and indispensable weapons that help ward off the foreign invaders that seek to infect and destroy the body.

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